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Natural History Museum - Marine Invertebrates


Went to the Natural History Museum this week and really enjoyed the Marine Invertebrates room. I loved this part of the museum as I began to discover more about what I was picking up. My sister said I was hilarious as I was walking round like a child chattering to myself erratically. People were giving me odd looks as I went “WOW look at that shell! I love a good carrier shell!”

I’ve found out that some of the pieces I found that looked suspiciously like seaweed are in-fact a completely different kettle of fish. I thought many of them looked too 3D to be seaweed, or dried too flexibly. For example the “fingers” in the photo below are actually sea sponges. 

The most fascinating for me was the bryozoans, also known as sea-mats, moss animals, horn wracks and lace coral. What looks like seaweed is actually a type of bryozoan made up of thousands of microscopic animals. 

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