New Stockist

I had an appointment with Bellis in Brighton this morning to show my work, and I'm delighted that she took everything I had!
Horay! Its such a wonderful gallery and the Owner, Sema, has impecable taste, her gallery is stunning! We both seem to love the same stuff so its going to be exciting working with her, I hope my stuff does well there! So if any of you are in Brighton check it out!
Been drilling loads of sea pottery again today and glass, which I'm slowly getting better at, drilling sea glass is much more difficult than drilling sea pottery, which is much softer. Some sea glass colours are more evil than others to drill, red is fragile! and the rarer colours in general seem to shatter because they may possibly be older and more brittle or made of a different glass type they used from an era gone by, who know. But what I do know is its difficult to get a flush hole, as when the drill comes out the other side it makes tiny scratches, so I have to put some of the bits I do to one side! Some say your meant to drill half way, and then turn it over, and others swear by drilling like a maniac all the way through! I am the maniac, I drill all the way through as I have an old craft drill but if you don't have a drill press its difficult to pinpoint the hole when you turn it over and can misallign the hole completely!


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