Clay tips

Had a fantastic Christmas. The Ice down in Cornwall was pretty bad and restricted my movements somewhat, but it was nice to just curl up on the sofa and watch bad TV.
I really enjoyed the Gruffalo, I've never read the book so I didn't know the story but the animation flowed well and I really liked the character design. I actually studied Animation, so I'm always drawn to kids cartoons and find myself over analysing everything. It was a pretty simple storyline but very effective, but I suppose thats what makes a good kids book!
You can watch it via the magic of BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

Went on a lovely Boxing day walk around the clay pits in St Austell, the water was this amazing milky ice blue colour (from the clay sediments) which clashed with the baroness of the clay tips. I love going for a walk here as you never tend to see anyone else around. Living in Brighton I get a bit fed up with the madness of the city and sometimes its hard to escape the hoards, so I appreciate coming somewhere like this.
Goodbye, untill next time.


  1. I love the Gruffalo. Missed it on Christmas day. Forgot until it was over. :o(
    Glad you had a good Xmas. xx


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