Ministers Treehouse

My boyfriend is addicted to StumbleUpon at the moment, its a website that claims to change the way you use the internet! Basically you just join, tick what interests you from a very broad range of topics from Tea to Quilting! He found this the other day, apparently its the biggest treehouse in existence...

Its called the Ministers treehouse, and was built as "Gods Treehouse" when God said that if he constructed a massive treehouse then he would ensure that the Minister would never run out of wood. 14 years later he is still adding to it, using salvaged materials from barns, outbuildings, sheds and garages. It has 5 stories, 80 rooms and a church and belltower!
I love treehouses, my friend bought me a book on them for Christmas a while ago, and my dream house has always been the same....a houseboat in a tree!
There was this example of a boat in a tree in the book, the Gainza Treehouse in France, an amazing eighteenth century replica boat in a plane tree, which then led me to find this:

I can buy it for $34,500.00, could be a good investment if house prices are rising, I'll just plonk it on Brighton Beach! Arrrrrr!!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!


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