Winter Market tomorrow!!

Haven't posted for a while, have been so busy organising the market for tomorrow! I am glad to say we have loads of amazing talented designers displaying their wares so if you are in Brighton tomorrow, please do drop by and see at us St Nicholas Church, on Dyke road, near to Churchill Square. There is a flyer in the previous post....
Gemma has sent me loads of amazing pieces of her quirky art, I really want some already! There is a really cute mermaid and a great card which says "I Love Tea!" with a little smiley happy teacup on it!

Heres some images I took earlier today of my mock table set up! I have made a driftwood board to display my earrings on, and painted another old cork board to display my necklaces on...

Will update you all on the day!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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