Roddas craving...

Went in Waitrose today to buy pudding as I had friends round for dinner. Cooking is not my forte especially puddings, so off I trotted to buy a lemon meringue. I was a bit greedy and bought some Roddas clotted cream too, a.) because it is the tastiest cream ever b.) it reminds me of Cornwall and c.) it's been repackaged and features loads of cool kernow maids going about their milking business and tin mines in the background!!! Love it!!! Won't be putting that pot in the recycling!!

Also whilst on my pudding mission I spotted this...

A giant egg!!! For £25!!! Laid by a Rhea, whatever the jiggings that is!!!
There is a normal eggbox next to it in the photo so you can see how massive it is!!! Would make a truely awesome omlette...
I looked up Rhea's when I got home, they look basically like small ostriches. Their eggs are ten times the size of hen eggs and take 90 minutes to boil or can be scrambled to make a hearty family breakfast!! The eggs cone from a farm in the west of Cornwall so they a little bit of Kernow too!!!
I will let you know if I try the egg!!!
Goodbye untill next time!!!

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