Brighton Fishing Quarter Private View

Had a private view on Friday for the Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery Exhibition which is running for 3 weeks, was a good turnout with lots of sales and mulled wine and cake and nibbles by Purple Sprouting! Billingshurst on Saturday was also a fab event with loads of people from the town coming to check us out!!!
Here are some photos from the private view...the amazing Tony from Killer Image took these fab fab fabbbbb photos for us!!!

Me blowing up balloons!!!



Pam's Pots!!! Love these!!!

Lisa Janes funky textiles!!!

Katrina Hargie's vintage card pictures...

Emily from Cuttlefish Love, she makes fab Kanzashi Japanese inspired hair pieces all made from silk, and she came dressed in this fab kimono!!

Deva from Purple Sprouting who did our tasty catering!!! Parsnip and maple syrup cupcakes with edible glitter yum!!!!

Best outfit ever!!!

Beach Shack Project!!!

Baglady of Brighton!!!

Miss Strangeway, perusing the goods on offer!!!

Good night had by all, thanks to everyone for coming!!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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