When I was at University there was a fantastic second hand shop, without a name, just outside the town centre. It was a weird place, very big, and sold literally anything that was recovered from house clearances. It first caught my eye one day when I strolled past and saw a collection of old shrivelled toilet rolls in the window that were for sale, and old broken toys, like the scary looking ones that live under the bed in Toy Story...anyway, this paradise was coined as "random shop" and one day there was a boat shaped minibar for sale. It was £50, far out of my budget as a poor student, so I ran home to find someone to invest with me. By the time I returned the next day with a willing friend it had gone. I often think about that bar, and I was delighted to find it on eBay, but unwilling to pay the increasing price created by the furious bidding war on eBay. Sigh. So that ship has sailed again. Ode to a boat shaped mini-bar. The ultimate hostess with the mostess prop. I hope one day another one docks in a secondshop near me. If you ever see one let me know!

Goodbye, untill next time.


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