last of the cherry blossom....

Still papping that Cherry Blossom! Most of it is fading now but theres still some magnificent beasts about!
New stock for Bellis Gallery in Brighton...
New panoramic that Steve took when we were on
holiday in Croatia that he finally got framed! Its
massive and looks fab over the fireplace!!!

Sausage and Beans!!!! ....

White blossom on the grass in Hove Park.

Me and my shadow...

I love the bright yellow fields this time of year too...
papped this on the way to the carbooty on sunday.
Steve was off, which is rare for a sunday... so he
agreed to drive me to the carboot sale out of town! yey!
He's not a big fan of secondhand stuff, but I think
he secretly enjoyed himself!
I bought some more plates to draw on, an amazing
vintage letterpress tray for a tenner that I'm going
to display loads of random special bits I find on the
beach in. They would otherwise be unobserved in
a drawer!!! Also got a set of three wicker and metal
baskets that will be great for storage. Good forage!

Waves were Huge today on the Beach...

Rainbow in Hove....

Big tea delivery today from my friend, earl-grey tastic!!! Off to make a brew now!
Goodbye, untill next time....


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