The Sun has eventually put his hat on, at last! Its been tropical here in Brighton this week, which has made it very hard to work indoors! I have been going up to Hove Park with my basket to make jewellery on the grass there. I am not a big fan of Brighton Beach as its very uncomfortable (made of loads of large pebbles!) and there is no shade. Looking forward to some Kernow Beaches with proper sand in June when I next get down!

Bean Bag - Bean in a bag! Quite enjoyed this and wouldn't get out!

  Theres a pop-up Henedricks Gin bar by the Library in Brighton so me and liv popped in for a cocktail, I had a Rose Garden which was amazing!
                                Bean was obsessed with the Astro-turf and this ticket booth!
Vegetarian Platter - nothing nicer and fresher than loads of veg tapas on a hot day! 
                                                                       Brighton Pier
Steve Juggling...
My new nails, loving the glitter! Don't usually paint my nails as they end up chipping after about 5 minutes of me making jewellery, but couldn't resist this one!
                                 They look so cool even a ladybird came to admire them!

 These flowers are beautiful, I have no idea what they are, probably weeds...haha! But I love them, they grow out of walls and pavement cracks and I keep spotting them EVERYWHERE!

Cake Diaries!!!! 


 Must get a wriggle on now as I need to post some stock down to Gemma at Charlestown Gallery and send out my first Cornish Pasty Cushion order - to Japan!

Goodbye - untill next time!


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