Damien Hurst

Caught the train into Londinion this morning to see the Damien Hurst exhibition at the Tate. It was good but I wanted to see more pickled sharks!


Here are some photos of the exhibition I covertly took. Your not meant to take photos but that kind of makes you want to start papping even more!

Some fish, they are all meant to be swimming together in uniform but enclosed in their own vacuum, you can take what you want from that, but I feel it has something to do with living in a 21st C bubble.

The Shark! Love these, the aquarium is made of curved glass so it looks like the shark is moving. I saw one at the Saatchi Gallery when I was at University (I also stepped on Tracy Emin's bed and got yelled at by a security guard!) Would love to have a few of these in the West Wing if I had a few ingots in the bank...

Butterfly wallpaper (above) and big black dot made of flies! (below) Mr Hirst seems fascinated by life and death and the beauty of it (butterflies) and ugliness of it (flies)...

Butterfly pictures made of butterflies to resemble church windows.

There was also a beautiful room just full of butterflies. Butterflies are so beautiful and nothing captures the beauty of a butterfly better than seeing it in person, i love the iridescence in the wings and bright hues. If I was super rich and jazzing up my west wing with a few sharks I would get a butterfly atrium installed too, would make a fab studio!

Steve with the Cow, couldn't look at that as it makes me feel ill, infact I feel ill as I'm typing this. I'm very very squeamish and the whole thought of body parts and blood makes me aware of my pulse and body and I get a bit irked!!!! I cant even take my own pulse and sing if I have to have an injection to distract myself! I don't know if there is a term for this or whether I'm just weird. Anyway Mr Hirst is also drawn to the Pharmaceutical and Medical World, and there were loads of pills lined up in cases and scary medical instruments I had to bypass too.

Blogging on the train home mow, looking forward to seeing Bean when I get in! Miss you still Long One.

Goodbye, untill next time

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