September happenings...

Been Away on a little holiday to Wales. We drove down to Cornwall and picked up my Dads campervan and then drove up to Wales, via Dartmoor. It is so beautiful in Wales. It reminds me alot of Cornwall, but with more sheep!!! And big news...Steve proposed in Wales, so I am now officially engaged! I'm still a bit in shock as I wasn't expecting it at all! I thought he was going to pull a cake out of his hat! I have a fabulous ring that I'm having resized, I went to the jewellers studio on friday to have a "fitting" and it should be done by my birthday! Will post photos of it soon! But bewarned, I am not a diamond girl! Expect the unexpected!


 Came back from holidays to set up the Makers Boutique Exhibition at Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery, on the seafront in Brighton in the Arches near the pier and the Carousel! Been busy busy busy!!!

 Its hard work for Bean!

 I must have the best walk to work at the moment! It takes about an hour to walk to the gallery from my house and I just cut down to the seafront and stroll along the promenade! Theres always loads of stuff going on, yesterday I saw a plane sky writing a heart in the sky for some newly weds, which was pretty cool! Unfortunately today the heavens have opened today, which is not so nice!
Been busy making stock for the exhibition and for the shop I mentioned before that me and Katy are opening in Cornwall.  Heres some quick photos I took of the new jewellery I've been making, as well as plates and driftwood boats. I will be adding to the stock again soon with some new ideas, as it won't be open for a while, more about that soon!

Goodbye, untill next time!


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