Beach Shack Project at Makers Boutique Hayle

Kind of blowing my own trumpet here, but hey, thats business for you! 
If you've been reading me blog then your'll know the other company I run (Makers Boutique) is opening our first static shop in Cornwall. Obviously I am stocking my own work there, and after the grotty work of last week the fun merchandising began at the weekend! Here are some pictures of my make recognize some of the pieces again from my blog been making stuff for a while for this shop!!!!

 Outside - Shop fascia

Beautiful Stained glass by Naomi Frances here in the window - her stuff sold really well at the Open House we ran in May - I'm pretty sure the Kernows will love it!

Just a shot of the shop floor, me and Kate didn't have alot of money to renovate, so we had to do what we do best and get creative! 
We didn't even have anything spare at the end to buy proper floor paint, so we covered the floor in what we had...

Here it is step by step, incase you find yourself needing to jazz up your floor so it doesn't resemble a giant rabbit cage!!!!! Masking tape down your stripes, add whatever you can find to make the stripes, we used fabric dye, acrylic and emulsion!

 Painting the stripes - la di da dahhhh....!
Peel off the masking tape...
...and then we covered the floor in PVA! This seals the random paints we used. Kate swears by PVA, she covers everything in this! We have blue, grey, white and orange stripes on the floor and it looks AWESOME! Like a giant deckchair fabric on the floor! 


And yes, Bean did run in the paint, many many times!

Lovely cards from the locals wishing us luck with the shop! 

I love this sign - I am not usually a fan of this kind of merchandise - but this one sums the whole renovation up perfectly!

My lovely lovely lovely mum who came into help yesterday and did all the little things we didn't even notice! (like..."your shop windows are hideous and smeared - I'm cleaning it!")

Bangelibangs jewellery - this is displayed on an old beautiful bit of reclaimed wood that were once the windows of a gypsy caravan. It was going to be turned into firewood but Kate rescued it! 

Bean - looking quite miserable and fed up here! 

 Me, Kate and Bean yesterday after our first day open! Woo! Come and find us at 28 Penpol Terrace, Hayle, Cornwall, for all your creative needs! Heres the flyer I designed below for the Shop -

Goodbye, untill next time!


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