Well, I haven't really updated this for a while, been a bit manic recently. January has been a whirlwind of Tax Returns, procrastinating over doing the said Tax Returns, planning our next Makers Boutique Exhibition starting in March and the first market of the year that we had on Saturday. Heres Bean and Ali below. Ali makes beautiful furniture inspired by materials she salvages both on the beach and in the city. I have collected a few pieces of hers now and I love them.
 Was a really really fabulous day, and it was great to see the venue so busy especially in February. We were also delighted to have Charlotte Rivers from Mollie Makes Magazine coming to write a review about our Markets, and a new popup tearoom by Talk of Tea, and we had a great mix of regular stallholders and talented new faces.
My fabulous friend Rich who came to DJ at the Market. Apparently most DJing is digitial now so it all goes on using laptop and Ipads and other doodars. I particulary like this image as I thought at first he had a stack of records in front of him, but its just a box of old church books about random things like pottery and gardening!!!
 Pop up tea room by Talk of Tea, the brownies they had were the best brownies I've ever had.
 Bought this print by Angela Chick, sums up my love of tea at the Market...
 ...and these cute little mountain earring studs by Kate Rowland.

 Need to get creative again after whats felt like a month of admin. And I am feeling inspired! First off I'm going to use these bits to make a very selfish commission, a necklace for myself. I really like the pieces and they are sentimental ones that friends or family have collected for me.
 Willow Sea pottery pieces.
 Laying down bits and playing around with different patterns and colours.
 These are some prototypes of my wire writing necklaces, I wanted to shy away from the stereotypical name necklaces and go with some typical Kernow and sailor themed sayings. Alright me lover?!
 Captain! Big and small version.
I'm loving the fact the weathers starting to warm up! Everything is better when its summer! Took a lovely walk down to Hove Lagoon today and it was so mild and fresh.

Hope you've had a good month and

Goodbye, untill next time!


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