BFQ Round 2!

I've mostly been making stock and preparing for the Makers Boutique Exhibition on Brighton Seafront at the moment. We opened this weekend and I'm really happy with how it went. I have been making some new driftwood boats which sold really well so I have to make some more now! 

 My display at BFQ...

Theres even a Punch and Judy show that goes on outside! Its on for 10 weeks untill 5th August so if your in the hood pop in and check out my work, and obviously the other 18 talented local artists and designers displaying their wares. Check out Bean in a boat below! The handsome chap had his photo taken today by a lovely artist who fell in love with him and wants to paint him! Can't wait to see the finished work! 

Heres a photo of my first piece of finished ceramics. I have been doing a course at the College and I'm really enjoying it. I quite like playing with texture and shape in the clay, and the finished pieces remind me of an ocean bed. Glazing ceramics is really exciting because the colours you are using do not denote the end colour. Because everything is fired at such high temperatures the colour pigments just burn away, so the glazes are made of chemicals and metals which react under certain heats to produce the colours instead. When I was glazing this piece I used 4 colours and they all looked milky white! Very Confusing!

Goodbye untill next time! 


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