Bits n Bobs in July & August

So been I've bit quiet again here as I seem to have my fingers in alot of pies at the moment! I've started working for UKHandmade writing business articles and helping with their MEET interviews which is very exciting. I still remember when I was fresh out of university, having decided the 3 years I had spent doing animation were actually irrelevant at this point as everything was going 3D which was the main part I loathed on my course for aesthetic and practical reasons. And traditional 2D animation was officially obsolete unless merging it with digital. Great. Anyway, I had a new passion, making jewellery, and I was working in a flipflop shop next to my best friends gallery and spent the days making jewellery which I would take into her shop at the end of the day and she would then sell it for me the following day. I still sell there now and she's one of my best stockists. Charlestown Gallery run by my fabulous bestie Gemma! I was so excited when UKHandmade found me and did an interview about me on my work, which you can still view on their site here... weird how things go full circle!!!
I've also been writing alot of features about Makers Boutique for various magazines and blogs too, which is weird, as I never saw myself being a writer at all. I write this blog as I talk, which you can probably tell, but when I'm writing articles I have to really try super hard, edit it loads and cut out the waffle! "Don't use two words when one word will do," says my mum!

I've stocked up lots of galleries recently including

Charlestown Gallery - Charlestown Cornwall
Ropewalk - Barton Upon Humber
Makers Boutique - Hayle Cornwall
Staacks - Wirral

New charm bracelets - sold out at BFQ - new ones sent out! 
LOADS of pendants on Snake Chain

Preparing the teas jars!

Me and Katy have started running the cafe at the Makers Boutique markets now too, I was rather dubious about this as I don't have a great track record with catering! I will never forget when I dropped a whole plate of beef stroganoff on a poor guys lap when I was waitressing once. Not a bit, not just a-bit-went-on-his-leg, the WHOLE THING in his lap. He just got up in silence and walked to the bathroom while I wished the floor would open up and swallow me! Luckily theres no beef stroganoff here, and running the cafe was so much fun! We even made profit first time doing it so have big plans for next time! 

I was in Cornwall recently for a friends wedding which was amazing, here is my beautiful friend below her dress was amazing! So her! 

I want a bouncy castle at my wedding!
Beautiful cupcakes in her favourite colour

Amazing cheese board! she had written all the cheese descriptions on little flags! So cute. The family is all vegetarian and it was the best buffet I have ever ever eaten, it was so nice not to have to eat pickled onions, cheddar and crisps for once! (FYI not all vegetarians like quiche guys!) I was a big phat pig and filled up my plate to mountainous proportions! Yum Yum Yum! 
Me and my sister 

Wedding cars! Arriving in Style!
I made the happy couple a driftwood boat in her favourite colours for the bunting and then put their initials and the date on the boat. 

Walking to the wedding... loved this old building in Cambourne. 
Me and my sister were laughing out loud at this Chiropodist with his A-boards outside, only in Cornwall!
I particularly liked this tin foil / selotape peeling off in the sun version, if the others hadn't caught your eye!!! 

Liv stocking up on road pasties - Niles of course - rude not to when your in kernow! 
Me at BFQ with Bean 

I feel free! Brighton Fishing Quarter is done and dusted untill Winter now and I've just finished doing the accounts! It was the longest one we've done yet (10 weeks!) but its been great though! I did really well which I'm so super chuffed about as since I've started Makers Boutique my own work seems to have taken a back shelf whilst that business grows. My business partner keeps saying we should get an accountant as we keep growing, but I have really bad mathematical OCD and love knowing the ins and outs of where all the money goes! I'm sure Steve thinks I'm the dumbest person in the world sometimes because of the stupid things I come out with (I'm too ashamed to say the last faux pas which involves geography again, arghhhhh!) but I love rubbing it in his face that I have far better academic grades than him when he mocks me, I floored him! Haha! And even though I hate doing all the tax returns its actually quite rewarding at the end when you realise you've done it! Shazam!

Here was my display below, lots of new boats - I'll upload the unsold ones into the shop online at some point....
Boats in Progress

Bean in boat filled with balls, only at BFQ! He was in his element! 
Oh and this was a fun commission to do recently, someone wanted a mermaid sitting on a hook as his daughter got impaled on a rogue hook whilst diving on holiday, eek!!!! I hope she likes it!! He liked it so much I was asked to make another for his son so the siblings have a matching set. 

And my new shoes, only usually buy one a year and last summer was so pants I didn't even bother buying one, already knackered them as I walk so much so its nice to see them here looking so new still! Sigh!!!! My old ones are next to them, didn't realise how similar they were till I got home! 

Off to Cornwall soon to beachcomb some more treasures so I'll update you again soon! Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine still! 

Goodbye, until next time! 


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