Seagull picture

Heres a seagull I doodled too, which I layered on top of a blown up image of a piece of Coral I found in Thailand. Apparently your not meant to bring that stuff back but I didn't know! It was just lying there on the beach and I picked it up because it looked pretty, its pretty massive really. I'm always beachcombing on holiday so I was surprised when a friend pointed out you could get in trouble for taking coral? I dunno, but the stuff I found was pretty dead and tumbled. I want to put it on a necklace for myself!

I've lined up loads of bits to drill, loads of fresh white porcelain shards I found on the beach that have loads of interesting patterns on them, texture patterns, no colour. I read somewhere that its dangerous to drill in water though (you have to drill sea pottery in water so the drill doesnt get too hot) so most people have a drill press or something, so your not holding it if does feel like frying you! Now I'm scared but I prefer drilling pottery to glass anyway. The drill in general scares me though, I found these rock hard muscle shells and they werent drilling and kept slipping, so I rammed loads of bluetac in the bottom of the tub of water to secure the shell and it went through the shell but kept drilling through to the bluetac. This results in the bluetac whizzing up the drill bit and the shell spins round and round up the drill bit erraticaly as I try to grab it, me wailing in panic, scared the shell would explode into a million pieces into my eye. Which it does, sending shell and wet streams of bluetac everywhere. Do not drill bluetac its a stupid idea, tested by me. I'm going to drill on wood next time! Doesnt seem to be as slippery as the glazed terracotta pot im using presently, or as risky as bluetac!
Oh, and I made some hemp / crystal friendship bracelets last night. Will post images!
Gotta go, lasagnes ready!


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