Melinsey mill

One of my favourite places to go in Cornwall is Melinsey mill.
I found it by accident, having just passed my driving test I was feeling a bit skittish and paniced in Veryan whilst trying to find a parking space. I squealed and took a random road and then stumbled across the mill, best wrong turn ever!
It used to be a working mill back in the day, and has been lovingly restored. You can even go and look at the mill from inside and watch the mechanics, but it also boasts a fantastic cafe, beautiful lake and arts & crafts shop.
My dad has recently restored his dream car so me, him and sausage decided to take the car for a spin to the mill.

Robins, chaffinches & tits joined us for lunch!

Teacups hang from the branches that line this path, so cute!

Everytime I visit I buy one of these strange magnets made by a local artist, he writes funny random things on the back of each one. I bought a school of fish today for £5, but sadly because they're so teeny there's no room on the back for his wit!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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  1. Wow, what a great place to visit. Sounds as if you all had a lovely day out!

  2. What a great accidental find. . . :o)


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