No more soggy sausages!

Want want want!
I know its incredibly sad, almost a bit silly, to dress up dogs, but how cute is this little rain coat?! And practical too! I know Buster would look the bee's knees in this any day! By roc star dog boutique.

Been browsing the internet and came across Made it an Australian site (correct me if I'm wrong). I've been looking at a lot of independent shops selling designer and handmade crafts and one thing I can say for sure, the Australians really know how to effectively market their designs. I find the sites a lot more engaging than its USA or UK equivalents. My friend is travelling at the moment and has raved about the Australian and New Zealand magazines she can buy out there, annoyed that she can't take them all with her!
But its not all bad news, Blighty has some good inspiring online magazines. I found Neet Magazine, the other day, and UK Handmade is always a good read.
Goodbye, untill next time


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