My first Holga Film developed!!!

Peafowl on the roof.

I was given a Holga camera by Steve for my birthday about 50 million years ago, and then it sat on my shelf for even longer, untill Steve decided to process some of his films and took my film along to be developed too.
Steve has a Holga too and its a bit hit and miss what decides to work. If you are unfamiliar with the Holga camera it is basically a cult plastic camera, popular because of its tempermental behaviour and tendency to give a dreamy 1970's type feel to your photographs. But what I really love about it is when you haven't processed a film staright away and you do find it years later in a drawer or something, and when you process it all these wonderful memories are conjured the digital age you can take as many photos as you want and bore people to death with your photos, but with a old-skool analogue camera you only get a certain amount of pictures and each one you take is usually over-considered and special. Even more so when I found out how much it is to get them deveolped!!! But I am very happy with them...and my first attempt resulted in all my photos coming out!!!

Ottery John, The Stable Boy!!!

My Mum picking berries whilst on a walk - can't even remember where! Multiple Exposure hense the many heads!!!

Dungeoness Beach - Flat Road trip to the barron coast

Charlestown Gallery!!! Home of my Small Friend (Waving!) Sausage is also visible...

And the Long One again, at Rock, for my birthday, probably the birthday I was given this camera!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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