happy new yurrrrr

Had a fabulous New Year at Perranporth staying in some unsavoury flats near the Beach. Mind you, for £10 a night you can hardly complain, but to avoid retribution I sincerely advice anyone with a vague level of hygiene not to visit the Sand Bay Holiday Flats. Just read some hilarious reviews on trip advsior!!! It was so bad it was funny!!!!

Check out the hideous art / curtains / boarders. I am a great fan of nautical decor but this is lacking a bit of pizazz...

Been eating ALOT of soup, note Steve's Wolverine hair, he quiffed it back for the Rockabilly theme at the local pub where my friends band was playing, and this is the after effect of sleeping on mass gelled hair!!!

My gorgeous (fake!!!) tattoo! Was actually quite sad when it disappeared!!!

Lovely walk in Fowey yesterday and had a nice soup and mulled cider at the King of Prussia. Steves steak cost more than me and mums lunch and all our drinks put together, but he seemed to enjoy it!!!! Ahhh Carnivores!!!
Back to work tomorrow!!!! Exciting!!! Got some custom orders to do and then release the new booking forms for Makers Boutique dates this 2012....

Goodbye, untill next time!!!!


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