shopping cures most things

Distraught as I've lost my favourite hat in the whole world. I actually cried. Like a child. Sob.
So I went off for some retail therapy today, went shopping in Truro and bought this AMAZING dress from Monsoon, dunno where I'm going to wear it as I never go anywhere posh so I'm just going to wear it everywhere...lounging around on the sofa, off to Tesco's, etc....Steve said I look like a Disney Villain who has killed some Parrots, which is nice. He has such lovely descriptive ways to describe my clothes!!!!

Also found these shoes in Topshop. I hate high heels, I am 6ft tall and don't need to be any taller and it is incredibly hard to find nice footwear without a secret heel of some sort, so shoe shopping is highly disinteresting for me, but my mum was faffing around for ages and I got bored and tried these on, they remind me of something Janice would wear from Friends. OH MY GOD!!!! Nearly fell over when I stood up so promptly took them off. Don't they look clash tastic with my tights?! Haha!!!

Oh I miss my hat....

Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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