Benedict Bean gggggggggggb

The title for this post was a collaboration between me and Bean, I wrote Benedict Bean then he stood on my keyboard! Anyway Bean loves jumping up onto my desk at the moment, he has discovered there is a great vantage point if he sits on the desk and looks out the window, cute at first, then irritating when you need to actually work! He did this again this morning so I took some photos of him wearing some of my new reclaimed nylon pieces, I think he will be a great model for the Beach Shack Project! Kind of decided my website needs an update so working on that for the next few days, along with adding new stock!

Some new pieces of reclaimed fishing nylon jewellery I have been working on... They are so big I am finding them hard to photograph so heres the best shots I have so far!!! I really need to invest in some hotter-than-the-sun lamps as Steves Flash on his digital SLR isn't really cutting the mustard!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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