Had an amazing long weekend in Dorset, with Steve, Gem, Wes and Bean, I took alot of photos!!! Dorset is known for its fossils but the Jurassic Coast is also fab for sea glass collecting, found an amazing beach with a Victorian Dumping Ground behind it!!! I have found so many unusual pieces in one weekend than in the ten odd years I've been beachcombing, it was surreal. What I found is a whole separate post in itself!!!

Gem and her Holga!!!
This boat has my initials!
Tea (of course!)

Steve strolling down the road!!!

Heres some fossils and coins we found...

This one looks like a Cornish Pasty!!!

Dead Twister Lolly!
It was Beans first holiday, he was very excited!!!!

This one looks like an advert for Dunlop!!!
Our cottage we stayed in...

Durdle Door!!!!

Ate SO MUCH FOOD! note the tower of (vegetarian) burgers!!!

Lots of buckets and spades hanging from this tree....

Ate at River Cottage Cafe, I had some awesome beetroot humous!!! Also a good earl grey there, Miles Organic...must try and get hold of some...
Bean was a write-off for a whole day after we got back, we tired him out good and proper!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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