Steve had a super rare weekend off so had a really fun few days, went to Bexhill yesterday, and walked along the promenade. Tiddily Om Pom Pom...

Weird Italian Job inspired sculpture at the De La Warr Pavillion...bus hanging off the roof that tilts precariously!

Love these domes, feels a bit greek I think, I love the way the bright white pops against the grey sky (not so greek, otherwise there would be glittery turquoise sea!)

Beach huts along the promenade...

Check out that ominous sky!

That stripey one would make a fab studio! Was dreaming about having a beach hut studio and then quickly dismissed it when I realised there was a high risk of House-Spider invasion when working from what is essentially a big shed. I hate spiders...

...But I like cake!
Talking of cake...
Have some new caterers at the Makers Boutique Markets last weekend...this cake was awesome! Chocolate and broccoli! (it goes! Really!)

Bean n Katy!

New Banners I designed for the market! Note the sealions! Roll up, roll up, for the Makers Boutique! Arf, arf!!! The old ones were getting a bit ropey so it was time for a redesign!

Roast veg n goats cheese tart, again, by new caterers, Fruition Foods. That was AMAZING!

Nice hydrangeas for sale, I love hydrangeas, they are my favourite flower. I find it hilarious they grow everywhere in Cornwall, and lots of people hate them and see them as weeds, and then in Brighton you pay £8 for a pot! I always just steal loads from mums garden when I go visit! Now here comes the science...! Interesting fact: the colour of the hydrangea is all based around how acid or alkaline the soil is, and Cornwall has very acidic soil. The flower colour is affected by the pH of the soil, pH of less than 5.5 produce blue flowers and pH of more produce pink, so there is always an abundance of pink, blue, purple, lilac and deep fuchsia flowers everywhere!
Thats about as science-y as I get!
Goodbye! Untill next time!
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