She sells sea shells from the sea shore...

Right, finally here! Cornish Winkle Shell earrings!

Made a batch for the Makers Boutique Market on saturday and nearly sold out, again! This bad boys are perfect for a bit of beach bling this summer, so even if the sun doesn't come out to play in grotty grey England, sunshine will be dazzling from your lobes instead! 

These little beauties are made from two Cornish winkle shells that have been responsibly collected from the beaches of Kernow. I hate mass shell shell harvesting, so I always collect small batches at a time so I can carefully check that the home I am taking is empty!

These shells are really pretty, they have flecks of blue, pink and purple in them, the photos do not do them justice!

They have been topped with some stunning Swarovski crystals that really sparkle and glitter when you catch them in the light. The shells are approx 10-15mm in size, and are attached to a silver plated stud with back. They can be made in Sterling silver for an additional £4 for sensitive ears!

Click on the shells to be taken to the shop!

Competition tomorrow to win a pair! Woo!

Goodbye, untill next time!


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