BFQ Setup

Yesterday didnt start very well...stayed up far too late the night before (work not play!) and then slept through my alarms like a complete idiot (I have slept through firealarms in the past - I kid you not!).
I woke up at 7:42, 3 minutes before my lift was coming to take me and my holy moly tables to the gallery! Arghhhhhhhh!!!! Can I get ready in 3 minutes?! Yes! Yes I can! The spirit of Anneka Rice was looking over me! Felt horrible though all morning, really disrupts your whole day when that happens, bleurghhh.

Beautiful Views I get to look at for the next 6 weeks, its a hard life!

Setting up -all looking very bare!

This is Laura Munoz and Bean, setting up her jewellery display. Laura is my new best friend as she gave me a bar of praline chocolate that was soooooo tasty!

Claire Munday from Beetle Cherry...lovely girl, lovely Art!

Bean would mooch around sitting on peoples stuff...

Katie from Popcorny - Asian kitsch inspired screenprints.

Beksies Boutique - run by the beautiful Rebekah Shirley - her lasercut sign is awesome we were all coo-ing over it when she got it out! She also has some pretty awesome stock, I was eyeing up her faux fur hats.

Jessica Barrah - Art & Accessories

Basket & Bond - fab girls Sam & Nikki run this company which specialises in funky ways to make your life more organised.

Tina Davies - beautiful Artwork and Ceramics...

The annoying thing about working with so many fabulous artists is that I want everything! I have a certain addiction with woven textiles and ceramics...and Rosy Appleton makes these stunning hand woven silk textured scarves. Theyre certainly not something I can ever afford...but the man can...and Christmas is coming so I have already dropped some unsubtle hints to him!!! Hint hint hint hint hint overload!

This orange blue one is my fav!

It all was a bit too much hard work for Bean in the end and he ended up curling up on Tina's ceramics!!!

God hes so cute!!!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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