Weekend in a Castle...

Just spent an amazing weekend in Devon for a friends birthday. Seeing as the last time we all got together we were staying in possibly the most insipid mouldy accommodation ever outside Newquay we have certainly upgraded! Its a castle! With a swimming pool! And a hot tub on the roof! I've never been in a hot tub before its great! The castle was so big I got lost on occasions, its certainly the type of place you are going to see a ghost!

Bean on a plinth! No idea why there was a plinth in the kitchen but Bean liked sitting there!

Bean in the morning rays...

Steve making me breakfast on the Agar, he makes some mean scrambled eggs! He also made an amazing veg soup for 16 people on saturday night.

So much cake was consumed!

So much...!

Went to Lime Regis and did a bit of Beachcombing...

Found some unusual bits there as usual, Steve found the largest bottlestopper I've seen yet! That boy has the eye of a hawk he always finds good seaglass!

Amazing jug by a local potter, was going to buy it but Steve said it scared him, don't know why I didn't get it as I never agree with him on homewares anyway, or clothes....or decorating....ahhh men!!!

Anyway the place is called Rower Fort, Steves already planning on going there for his Stag Night!

Still would prefer to live in a boat treehouse though....keep dreaming...

Goodbye, untill next time!

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