Barbara Karn - and I'm so tired!

I am so so so tired today, my best friend has been staying with me for a few days untill she set off to embark on her round the world travels today, going to Japan first, and I got up at 5am to walk her to the bus stop.
I have felt like the living dead for the rest of the day. Its a strange feeling being up that early, its so dark but everything is so still and quiet, even Brighton sea front!
When me and Gemma get together we inspire each other alot, even though our mediums are quite different. She runs Charlestown gallery down in Cornwall (which - coinsidently - stocks my collection!) and does alot of mixed media art and urban art inspired by the kitsch and surreal.
My head is full of new ideas and we have been looking over blogs and chatting about artists for most of the weekend (apart from the intense OC season 1 marathon on friday night!) so I have much inspiration again. I've kind of spent together trying to organise it all and start planning new ideas, and writing things down, but I have two big craft fairs coming up, one in Lewes on the 15th and another in Brighton for the Guerilla Christmas Art market so I need to make loads more stock yet. ARGHHHHH!!!!

Found this artist online by accident, I love happy accidents!
Her name is Barbara Karn and she is an artist based in Cornwall who does these wonderful naive looking incredibly effective brightly coloured prints of endearing looking birds, kind of reminds me of Quentin Blake.
I love the seagul ones where she has managed to capture their personality so beautifuly.
You can see more of her work at

Goodbye, untill next time


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