Open houses

What a busy week, I have been neglecting my blog!
Firsty I have been preparing for the unofficial Open House were running in conjunction with the Open Houses in Brighton for Christmas, it was a spur of the moment thing, so its been a bit manic! The weekend went really well, I sold lots of stuff and we got great feedback. The venue itself is so perfect, as my friends living room really SHOULD be a gallery all the time! I've been drinking copious amounts of mulled wine too, and one can never complain about that! runs every saturday and sunday untill the end of the month, heres some photos of my jewellery there....
Oh, and heres the poster for the one in Lewes, on December 5th
and theres another at the guerilla art market in Brighton, the following weekend, for 2 days, over staurday and sunday.

I have been busy beavering away in some sort of craft related hyperdrive. I have made these new sea glass studs which come on these presentation cards, which are quite sweet xmas presents I think...will upload them onto when I have a free second!

Goodbye, untill next time!


  1. What a beautiful have been busy,
    good luck

    Louise x


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