Two heads are better than uno

Found this funny carrot in Tesco's yesterday.
I thought I would give it a home, it will be tasty grated into some salad, yum yum!!!

Two heads truely are better than one!

Like John and Edward here....
Made in London by Rosie and Fumie, each one is made to order. Theyre so cute! Apprently John and Edward like to go clubbing and sing karaoke!!!

£28.00, from The world of Bobby Dazzler

I found this site via a site called Big Cartel
Who specialise in website designing software with shops built in for creative buisnesses, you can browse current shops to get a feel of what you can do, and all the independant designers, buisnesses and shops have their own distinque feel, which is nice. I hate being restricted by website building software, thats one of the reasons homestead was so rubbish for me. But this site is fun to browse.

Goodbye, untill next time


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