Craft Fair talent

I've been meaning to do a post for a while about all the fantabulous stuff I accumulated at this Decembers craft fairs. I say "accumulate" because most of these wonderful commodities were swapped rather than bought. I love swapping, I think its so much better than buying!
This AMAZING pot was made by Pamela Byrne, based in Seaford. I met her at a craft fair in November at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton, and she did an Open House with us in December too. I love her rustic organic looking pottery, it looks like something thats been dug out of the ground. I hate things that look too overdone and perfect, its beauty lies in the fact that it is other worldy. You can contact Pam by email if you want some cool pottery too, prices from £15,

Wierd Drawing showing the circulation of a lobster! By Sojutanaka, probably not the best example of their work as the craft fair predominatly had alot of their siganture kitsch japaneese artwork, but I was drawn to this obscure image instead.

I'm loving this too, you know when you just see an image and fal in love with it, I saw this and all the colours just jumped out at me. I'm very biased by colours, and although I am not the biggest fan of red, I can forgive it in this photograph by Fellow Folksy seller Lucy Noakes. She was also selling very sweet lucite style flowers and charms all made out of Fimo. V cute. You can visit her website,, here.

The Baglady of Brighton swapped this amazing bag with me, you can't see it very well in this photo but the inside layer is a soft grey jumbo cord, covered in vintage bullrush lace, cream buttons and a constrasting lace trim, its so pretty!!!!
I'm not really a clutch bag sort of person, I don't see the point in holding your bag, it kind of defys the point in having a bag (unless you have a suitcase of course!), so I have decided to use this to put my essential jewellery making components in, and it suits this purpose very well! like a posh pencilcase! I got my sister one for christmas with a gaint cats face on too and she loved it!
You can visit Katie's site

Mmm tea! Tanya at TYSK tea was giving away tea all day, that she had blended herself, at the Guerilla Art market. I have never seen someone blending and making their own teabags before, and thought it was such an unusual but exciting gift! I love tea so I bought a sachet for myself, for £1.50, for 5 bags. The blend I bought is called Grey Ghost tea as I love bergamont flavours, but she did other blends too. Email her at

Funky Stick on moustache made a slightly unique present for my boyfriends dad for Christmas!
Available from Emily Warren, she has a blogspot here.

And the strangest thing I bought was this image! Maria is a 2d and 3d artist working in Brighton, she has many different drawing styles, and this is one of them. Basically there is a true story behind this, so if you don't like sad stories, scroll down!
The girl in the image is Maria's sister. She found a street cat outside, and brought it up to her apartment where they played and had much fun together. The street cat moved in and they became the best of friends. One day Maria's sister was sat on the sofa, and the street cat was jumping about swatting flies with its paws. Thw window was open, and the cat jumped out by mistake. The apartment was 7 floors up so the cat died promptly on impact and Maria's sister was obviously devestated. Hense her curled up in the photo looking scared.
You can visit Maria's site here.

Goodbye, untill next time!


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