More Nylon and snow

Being snowed in the past few days I have been mulling about and experimenting with loads of my reclaimed nylon. I had a bit of a creative block, which frustrated me, not to add to the fact that the pieces I use are found, and so follow no particular regularity. Different lenghts and diameters mean that there can be limitations and most designs will be one offs, so I have to think carefully about each piece I use. I spent the last few days making the ones above, and have laid out the components for some large statement pieces which I'm excited about, I love making something a bit mad or crazy everynow and again.
All the reclaimed nylon pieces above will be in my shop soon and 15% of the price of any piece of reclaimed nylon based jewellery is donated to surfers against sewage, an organisation set up to campaign for clean beaches and waters, for recreational sport and the health of the coastal eco system in general.
All of the nylon I use has been found on the beach, and would normally just litter the sand. These materials are not biodegradable, so they can pose a threat of wildlife if they become entangled or eat it. All the pieces I find are hand washed and disinfected, so they are squeaky clean and ready to work with.


Goodbye, untill next time


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