If you go down to the beach today, your in for a big surprise!

Was down by the Marina on Sunday, and my is it a horrible place, the beach is strewn with so much debris from the boats on the harbour, saw some really random things like a mobile home, whoops, sorry, a mobile phone! an onion, a flip flop that looked like it had been involved in a shark attack and an old bedraggled cuddly toy.

Fishing Nylon

Brighton Marina

Lost a phone?


I found some really good stuff, like a huge roll of peppermint coloured nylon, some jazzy yellow plastic and some driftwood. I also noticed there were other scavengers looting the beach, carrying off massive bits of wood for something. Made this necklace yesterday with plaited hemp, crystals and found nylon. I really really like it and was tempted not to sell it!

A new Nylon and hemp necklace, will be added to shop soon.

Have also ventured into the eBay world, and I am selling some wire wrapped pieces online, theres lots of heart shaped pieces of glass, which are really cute for valentines day, and other items too. Checkity check them out here...
Goodbye, untill next time!


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