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Rock, pebble or stone?


The innocuous beach stone, or pebble, is almost always found on our shorelines. Yet it is probably of least interest to beachcombers, rather like its plastic counterpart, by virtue of them showing little merit or worth.
I grew up in Cornwall, where I enjoyed beachcombing for popular treasure like seashells, sea glass & pottery, driftwood and maybe some amethyst if I was lucky. Brighton beach, where I now live, is a completely different landscape. Sand is scarce and usually only becomes apparent at low tide. The rest of the beach is covered in big, uncomfortable pebbles, or rocks, as I like to call them.

I have recently started collecting pebbles and using them in my work. I’ve always subconsciously picked them up.It started off with them slowly creeping in, and then I noticed myself going out of my way to search for them. My favourite ones to find are usually just ones that look a bit different or have an interesting pattern. If I want to make jewellery from it, it m…

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