Monday, 27 June 2011

Trip to the art shop!!!

Me and my sis went to the art shop the other day in Brighton and bought some new comodities to get creative with...there are some doodles below and a new driftwood boat!! There are more but I haven't taken pictures of them yet, I will have even more ready for this weekend as I have a pitch at Paddle round the Pier... so if your in Brighton come on down to Hove Lawns!!! In the meantime I hope the sun stays out pleaseeeeeeeee!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Driftwood boat

I made this for my fabulous dad for fathers day, it's inspired me to start work on some more, all I'm thinking about are sail boats now on turquoise water, ahhh roll on summer!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Staacks exhibition...

If you are in West Kirby Check out the Contemporary Coastal exhibition at Staacks Gallery. There is some Beach Shack Project Bling and an aray of seaside inspired handmade goodies like ceramics by Charlotte Hupfield and Wirral based artist Sherilyn Halligan.

Goodbye, untill next time!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back to Brighton...

All packed for an early start back to Brighton tomorrow with a case that is very heavy...full of my sea glass harvest!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Here comes the sun...

Magical mystery tour of Cornwall today with my mere, started off in Porthleven then meandered back down the coast to Helford, both two places I've never been too, that's one of the amazing things about Cornwall is there's always somewhere new to discover!!! Finally ended up in Malpas for dinner Mmmm...

Loved the candy coloured houses in Porthleven...

Sausage waiting for some pasty!!! Had such a fat day today I ate a pasty for brunch then had clotted cream (Roddas of course!!!) and strawberries and then had a cheesy pasta at the Heron Inn in Malpas, they do such lush food!!!

Big waves come up over the sea wall in Porthleven, not a good idea to venture out when the sea is rough...

Check out my shades they were 20p at the carboot, bargain!!!

Loved all the thatched houses...

Most people park a car outside their house, not this resident!!!

When we got to Helford we went on a rural walk and stumbled on Kestle Barton, a randomly located but stunning exhibition space, such a pleasure to find and well worth a visit, the gardens were beautiful and we sat there for a while looking at the sculptures in the garden and Art by Juliette Paul, really vibrant abstract pieces.
Check out for more info...
And if your reading this (you know who you are!) thanks for showing us around and all the best with your illustration in Edinburgh!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Friday, 10 June 2011


People often ask me where I go beachcombing and I never divuldge the best spots in Cornwall that are well worth a drive to get to, these are beachcombers secrets and to find them requires a combination of local knowledge and pure stumbling by chance!!! It is not obvious where to look sometimes because tides and currents can bring treasure from miles away, but Crinnis has always been a favourite of mine. Based outside St Austell it used to be a prime location for beachcombing, I remember only a few years ago trawling up and down the beach finding bags and bags of glass, so much so that you wouldn't be able to carry it all home!! Brilliant hues of Turquoise and bright fuchsia glass and huge slabs of sea pottery were usual pickings...
Unfortunately due to controversial developement on this man made beach alot of this glass has been buried under tonnes of sand. Also Crinnis, or Carlyon Bay beach, used to be the home to a bad but sorely missed nightclub and I believe alot of the glass deposited was a result of the mass drinking that went on there on Friday and Saturday nights, this being good for the lack of rubbish that was being dumped but bad for beachcombing seaglass, the only case of littering and dumped glass being recycled by nature. Not being near a port or reliant on other coves tidal deposits means this beach now has a severe lack of sea glass but this in turn has benefitted the local Eco system and also peoples feet!!! I found alot of very good driftwood though today that I will be using soon....but if you look very hard you may still find some treasure, my cousin found me a fabulous piece of teal sea glass today that made me smile!!!
If you want to see a video that will make you smile watch this amazing pure 80's video by Alison Moyet, set at Carlyon Bay beach, the pirate boat in the video was there untill the 1990's, I remember it being there when I was a child before it was moved for health and safety reasons, the boat was originally put there for a film and used as a prop...enjoy!!! Watch it here....

Goodbye, untill next time!!!!

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Blog Mission!!!

Just realised I have not updated my blog for a while now and thought I would kick start my blogging by making a personal mission to post something every day for the next month to get back into the swing of things...
I have been very busy recently having started a new business with Katy Dormer, aka the Bag lady of Brighton, called the Makers Boutique...the only regular arts and crafts fair in Brighton. Have been spending alot of time organizing these events and getting on with the Beach Shack Project work, but due to a venue cancellelation I have taken the opportunity to have a break in Cornwall before the Craft fairs start up again in July...yesterday I went to Hayle to see Katy's new shop she has just opened (we are busy girls!!!) and give her some new stock... If you are in Hayle go check out her fabulous space at Pratts Market and have a pasty at Philips while your there!!!

Sausage in the shop!!!

Katys beautiful cabinet covered in her even more beautiful bags!!!

Rebekah shirleys birds...

After Hayle I jumped on a train back to St Austell and then my best friend Gem came and picked me up and we went for an epic beachcomb, I got so many great pieces!!! That wore us out so we went back to her cute cottage and she made me stirfry for dinner and we drank wine and watched the Lion King, best film ever!!! Remember who you are!!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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