Saturday, 31 March 2012

The sun has got his hat on...

We took Benedict Bean to the woods near Seven Sisters the other day, it was hot and I wanted to be outside! Bean kept dropping his balls down rabbit holes, idiot dog!

White chocolate and orange cookies, OH MY GOD THESE WERE AMAZING!
I am not the biggest fan of pink, personally, I find it a bit too girly when I'm wearing it, but I don't think there is anything more beautiful than cherry blossom in nature, and the fact it only hangs round for a bit makes it even more special....

Other pink things that are good- rose macaroons from The Real Patisserie. The other flavours were pistachio and tangerine, but the rose ones are the best!
Steve got the ring back the other day that I ordered for his birthday, its by a designer called Gil Stark, who's work I really do love. It had to be re-sized so now it fits perfectly! It was really funny, as Steve was away for his birthday working, I took him to Gil's studio the day after, which also happened to be the day (the leap year day) when a girl is traditionally allowed to propose to a man! Steve knew this strange fact and was mulling over in his head and wondering why I was getting him a ring, and eventually came out and asked me its meaning....but alas no, that was not my plan, because if I do ever get married the guy will have to ask me!!!

Shadows - keep taking pictures of my shadow at the moment, maybe its because Bean feels like my new shadow!
Oh, and my new stickers came the other day in the post, I'm really happy with them, they will be decorating all my boxes, post, and other packaging from now on! My animation degree did have some sort of use in the end, designed them all in Photoshop!

Goodbye, untill next time!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Etsy Shop

Opened my etsy shop recently, there are some new items in the shop I haven't yet uploaded into the main shop!

Goodbye, untill next time!

Friday, 23 March 2012

The fireplace

Heres some photos of the fireplace I mentioned a while ago, took a bit longer than anticipated. Mainly due to cutting my hands, alot, doing this! Really appreciate the smooth edges of sea pottery alot more now! Here is Case A, the fireplace, Hmmm....
Bought Loads of plates from second hand shops and charity shops...
Love the partridge plate! And Liverpool cathedral, doesn't matter how random they are as now its time to SMASH THEM ALL!
Lay them all out as a preliminary design, before using bathroom grouting to stick the shards to the fireplace.
I put little swarovski crystals in the grouting to add a bit of sparkle....
Goodbye, untill next time...!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Benedict Bean gggggggggggb

The title for this post was a collaboration between me and Bean, I wrote Benedict Bean then he stood on my keyboard! Anyway Bean loves jumping up onto my desk at the moment, he has discovered there is a great vantage point if he sits on the desk and looks out the window, cute at first, then irritating when you need to actually work! He did this again this morning so I took some photos of him wearing some of my new reclaimed nylon pieces, I think he will be a great model for the Beach Shack Project! Kind of decided my website needs an update so working on that for the next few days, along with adding new stock!

Some new pieces of reclaimed fishing nylon jewellery I have been working on... They are so big I am finding them hard to photograph so heres the best shots I have so far!!! I really need to invest in some hotter-than-the-sun lamps as Steves Flash on his digital SLR isn't really cutting the mustard!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Had an amazing long weekend in Dorset, with Steve, Gem, Wes and Bean, I took alot of photos!!! Dorset is known for its fossils but the Jurassic Coast is also fab for sea glass collecting, found an amazing beach with a Victorian Dumping Ground behind it!!! I have found so many unusual pieces in one weekend than in the ten odd years I've been beachcombing, it was surreal. What I found is a whole separate post in itself!!!

Gem and her Holga!!!
This boat has my initials!
Tea (of course!)

Steve strolling down the road!!!

Heres some fossils and coins we found...

This one looks like a Cornish Pasty!!!

Dead Twister Lolly!
It was Beans first holiday, he was very excited!!!!

This one looks like an advert for Dunlop!!!
Our cottage we stayed in...

Durdle Door!!!!

Ate SO MUCH FOOD! note the tower of (vegetarian) burgers!!!

Lots of buckets and spades hanging from this tree....

Ate at River Cottage Cafe, I had some awesome beetroot humous!!! Also a good earl grey there, Miles Organic...must try and get hold of some...
Bean was a write-off for a whole day after we got back, we tired him out good and proper!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!