Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I have been waiting for a new order of hemp for about a million years and its here today, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I never thought this day would come!
Despite initial stress related problems involving bankers drafts, the fact I don't have a fax machine, Romania, Barclays, and Parcelforce sending my package to everywhere but here, I'm happy to say my hemp is worth waiting for!
I have ordered it from Ecolution and its Organic sustanable hemp, and so good for the environment too,
Hip Hip Horay!
Goodbye, untill next time!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

spirited away

Spirited Away never gets boring, watched it again tonight. One of the best animations ever made.


Untill next time

Dale Chihuly glass chandelier at the V and A

I'm pretty crap at keeping up with this blog, but I wanted to post a photo of this uber cool light / chandelier thing at the V & A
I went to the Saatchi gallery, V & A, Royal portrait gallery and other small exhibitions but this was the best thing I saw in London that day! Me and me man Steve were there for the weekend and we had an amazing time.
I had originally only wanted to go to the V & A to see the new jewellery exhibit which was OK, but there was not enough contemporary pieces for my liking! The exhibit was well curated, with very early Roman and Eygptian pieces, that then evolve into early vicotorian and art deco pieces, enamel, glass, and then into mixed media and progressive materials. There were some good contemporary pieces and I was pleased to see fellow Hove jeweller Nora Fok there too. I did an evening course with her in dodgy Croydon a while ago, and it was amazing. I was far too shy to talk to her and didn't really know what to say without sounding like a looser so I kept my gob shut, but she is such a talented underground jeweller. She was shortlisted for the last Jerwood arts prize for jewellery and her pieces there were outstanding too, and personally I think she should have won!
the light is by a guy called Dale Chihuly and he is what I would call a true master of his game, I was spellbound staring at his colourful chandelier, how did he make it, how long did it take, and more importantly how the hell did he get it to the V & A ??? !!!!

Untill next time