Monday, 29 June 2009


So tired, been making all day and have depleted all my stock of hemp I brought down to Cornwall with me.
I'm here on a beach combing mission to find more inspiration and materials. I love it down here. I grew up here and its great to enjoy all the sun and beauty before the influx of tourists arrive in their droves when the kids break up. This is the best time.
Been hanging round with the Sausage who is finding the heat a bit too much at the moment, he was barking at the sky today, bless him. I have no idea why the sky was booming today, it sounded like thunder but it was so hot! Maybe they are testing things out at sea again?
I have just been in contact with a company called Ecolution who are now going to supply me with organic sustainable hemp which I am so excited about, so my samples should be there when I get back to Brighton so I can't wait to place my first order. (I need to get out more, I know!).
I have loads of nylon I have found on the beach in some lovely colours so I will be concentrating on that next too, and my mum has challenged me to do something with a pair of one eyed swimming goggles we found on Menabilly! She picked it up and went: "So, would this make a fantastic necklace too?" (very sarcastically of course).
I love a challenge! Watch this space! I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats!
Goodbye, Untill next time!!!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Eee hee! bye micheal

Micheal Jackson is dead. I found out last night, its so weird as I wanted to get tickets to see his show at the O2 arena, and me and my mum were actually remarking yesterday how he probably wouldn't attend his shows (not because of his death obviously but he had already planned on cancelling some). Apparently there was some clause written into his contract that said he only had to do a minimum of 13 minutes per set! I would be livid if I went to see him and he played 3 songs!
Anyway, RIP Micheal you freaky deaky one-of-a-kind musical genuis. I loved your songs and I always will. Hope you get your freak on in the sky with Princess Di. Everytime I wear my noa noa gold glitter ankle socks I will think of you. Amen. xxxx

I'm back again like the renegade master power to the people

Well, I've been a bit slack, but I have been busy! Firstly I have moved, which is very exciting. I have gone from horrible student style damp dark mouldly basement flat infested with pigeons to a beautiful new bright airy flat in Brunswick square, brighton, SCORE! I have a lovely room that I am now working in which overlooks the square and I CAN SEE THE SEA!!! Having been brought up in Cornwall the sea is very important to me so the fact that I can now see it out my window is such a treat! I love looking out the window to see what colour it is that day, it was a very strange bright turquoise and black the other day, reminded me of an old cartoon I used to watch called the pirates of dark water.
I was reading Vogue June 2009 (yes, I know, its a bit past that now but it takes me ages to read!) and there was an interesting fashion shoot called "Indian Summer" featuring Daria Werbowy. She was wearing a rather bedraggled looking hemp bangle in all the shots and it wasn't credited in the photos so I guess it must have been the models! Good one Daria! Its nice to see the hemp revival going strong and set against all the couture glamour of the vogue shoot, it lends a certain laid back elegance to the models, but then, I'm probably the only person focused on the bangle and not the clothes! haha! that hat is a joke thought, I wouldn't wear it if someone paid me! haha!
Also, I have just signed up with poppytalk handmade, the online curated gallery by Poppytalk. If you haven't heard of poppytalk then, tut tut! Its pretty much the biggest art and craft blog online and I've had so much good feedback. Horay!
Please check out my "gallery" if you get a chance
Goodbye, untill next time!!!