Eee hee! bye micheal

Micheal Jackson is dead. I found out last night, its so weird as I wanted to get tickets to see his show at the O2 arena, and me and my mum were actually remarking yesterday how he probably wouldn't attend his shows (not because of his death obviously but he had already planned on cancelling some). Apparently there was some clause written into his contract that said he only had to do a minimum of 13 minutes per set! I would be livid if I went to see him and he played 3 songs!
Anyway, RIP Micheal you freaky deaky one-of-a-kind musical genuis. I loved your songs and I always will. Hope you get your freak on in the sky with Princess Di. Everytime I wear my noa noa gold glitter ankle socks I will think of you. Amen. xxxx


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