Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The woman who swims with Killer Whales

Watched a really interesting program on BBC2 about Killer Whales tonight, "The woman who swims with Killer Whales" as part of the Natural World series. Ingrid Visser is the star of the program, and is a bit Killer Whale obsessed. She is the type of woman who probably receives many killer whale themed gifts for christmas and birthdays and they are all proudly displayed at different intervals throughout her house during the program, Killer Whale photo montage here, Killer whale plush there, Killer whale clock O' get the picture.
She starts by telling us that people think she is mad for swimming with Orcas. Which she is. Crazier than a bag of sea snakes, but her love of Killer Whales is all consuming and she has made significant research through her unorthodox method of getting up close and personal with these 6 tonne giants. The same giants that have supposedly been able to kill a Great White. Now thats scary, there is no way I would jump in the water with a Killer Whale!!!
She is convinced her beloved whales are being polluted by the toxins that enter the sea, a fact already proved in some countries...when a Killer Whale is beached it is actually classified as toxic waste and has to be carefully destroyed due to the large amount of chemicals found in their body through sea pollution. It is very sad to think of the great scale of this, and Ingrid is constantly trying to prove this is the cause of the New Zealand Killer Whale's dwindling population by grabbing blubber extracts where she can and pulling half dead sting rays out of the sea that the Killer Whales have dropped, so she can test their food and blubber for toxins.
This is an amazing woman who would even give her own life for a Killer Whale and is quite happy to jump in her car and drive for hours up the coast to spend the day unravelling a humpback from a fishing net or helping a huge pod of Pilot Whales that were beached. The Pilot whale scene was very distressing, out of about 60 whales beached only 13 survived. Not the most intelligent of the whales but very closely knit, once one is beached and calls out the others all follow and beach themselves like lemmings and drown as their blowholes fill with water in the rising tide. So sad.
Bet you wouldn't catch Ingrid at Sea World. Rock on Ingrid, your crazy but all the best people are!!!!
Watch the program again on BBC iPlayer.

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Monday, 29 August 2011


Flew down to Cornwall for a few days yesterday, and last night I went out for a friends birthday to see the latest Kneehigh play. I have grown up seeing Kneehigh and it's amazing to see how they grown over the years into what they are now. The latest one is based loosely on Cinderella and I don't know any other theatre company in the world where you can go and strut your stuff on the stage which turns into a dancefloor during intermission!!! Mike Sheppard was also hilarious dressed as a giant pumpkin!!! I would reccomend seeing the play but I caught the last showing so if you didn't get a chance to see it you won't now, but look them up if your ever in Cornwall.

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Roddas craving...

Went in Waitrose today to buy pudding as I had friends round for dinner. Cooking is not my forte especially puddings, so off I trotted to buy a lemon meringue. I was a bit greedy and bought some Roddas clotted cream too, a.) because it is the tastiest cream ever b.) it reminds me of Cornwall and c.) it's been repackaged and features loads of cool kernow maids going about their milking business and tin mines in the background!!! Love it!!! Won't be putting that pot in the recycling!!

Also whilst on my pudding mission I spotted this...

A giant egg!!! For £25!!! Laid by a Rhea, whatever the jiggings that is!!!
There is a normal eggbox next to it in the photo so you can see how massive it is!!! Would make a truely awesome omlette...
I looked up Rhea's when I got home, they look basically like small ostriches. Their eggs are ten times the size of hen eggs and take 90 minutes to boil or can be scrambled to make a hearty family breakfast!! The eggs cone from a farm in the west of Cornwall so they a little bit of Kernow too!!!
I will let you know if I try the egg!!!
Goodbye untill next time!!!

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

New London Stockist

Frivoli gallery is a new stockist of mine, located in the interesting shopping district of Devonshire Road, in Chiswick. If your shopping in Londinion town then pop in and say hello to the lovely Hazel who curates it.Goodbye, untill next time.

Catching up...

Been very busy with many custom orders at the moment and catching up on wholesale orders too. I have just spent the day making up some new pieces for Charlestown Gallery, run by my ickle friend Gemma. My periwinkle shell earrings have been going very well at craft fairs and I have almost sold out, so I made up a fresh batch to send her. These will be launching in the shop soon, which brings me on to my next update. As of Monday there will be lots of new pieces in the shop as I have been working on a new online batch of jewellery for a while too. As well as launching ym new driftwood boats too! (pictured above).

Remnants of a Fondant Fancy on the plate...

Some new pieces half made up!

New bracelets for Charlestown Gallery...

Goodbye! Untill next time!!!