Friday, 25 May 2012


The Sun has eventually put his hat on, at last! Its been tropical here in Brighton this week, which has made it very hard to work indoors! I have been going up to Hove Park with my basket to make jewellery on the grass there. I am not a big fan of Brighton Beach as its very uncomfortable (made of loads of large pebbles!) and there is no shade. Looking forward to some Kernow Beaches with proper sand in June when I next get down!

Bean Bag - Bean in a bag! Quite enjoyed this and wouldn't get out!

  Theres a pop-up Henedricks Gin bar by the Library in Brighton so me and liv popped in for a cocktail, I had a Rose Garden which was amazing!
                                Bean was obsessed with the Astro-turf and this ticket booth!
Vegetarian Platter - nothing nicer and fresher than loads of veg tapas on a hot day! 
                                                                       Brighton Pier
Steve Juggling...
My new nails, loving the glitter! Don't usually paint my nails as they end up chipping after about 5 minutes of me making jewellery, but couldn't resist this one!
                                 They look so cool even a ladybird came to admire them!

 These flowers are beautiful, I have no idea what they are, probably weeds...haha! But I love them, they grow out of walls and pavement cracks and I keep spotting them EVERYWHERE!

Cake Diaries!!!! 


 Must get a wriggle on now as I need to post some stock down to Gemma at Charlestown Gallery and send out my first Cornish Pasty Cushion order - to Japan!

Goodbye - untill next time!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

New homewares finally in shop!

Hi there!

New Homewares products finally in shop now, and the website has been overhauled!
I always bite off alot more than I can chew sometimes, this is true with my website. Rather than pay someone experienced to do it in a fraction of time it took me, I have laboriously decided that now is a fantastic time to learn how to do RSS feeds, copy over source codes (to integrate my blog into the main site) and play around with the original html of my site. My eyes feel a bit fuzzy so I need to go outside and be with the 3-dimensional people now!

Hope you like and I will be adding all the new jewellery soon! Bit obsessed with wire wrapping everything in a star shape at the moment!

Goodbye, untill next time!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Over the weekend...

I have now photographed all my driftwood boats and will be uploading them into the shop soon. I sold my first one at the Open House this weekend which was very exciting! Here is a selection of them...

And heres some photos of my other new Homeware collection products, upcycled vintage plates and the Cornish pasty cushions for sale in Etsy shop...
Painted Pebbles....
Driftwood Chandelier...
Pasty Cushions...(other wool cushions by Gabrielle Vary and Paintings by David Meeking). Bean is such a poser! He loves the camera!

My dad was visiting this weekend, I was busy vidulating the Open House but he came and helped out and made me a lovely lunch and lots of important cups of tea! We went into Brighton and mooched about today, we had some yummy breakfast in Ground where Bean got fussed over extensively as usual, he loves the attention! I bought a new fab straw hat and some ace 80's shorts, just now need some sun to wear them in!!!

Goodbye, untill next time...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bored of the rain now bleurgh

The rain just really doesn't want to go away does it? It seems to wait for me to go outside before the heavens open and then stop when I get in. Bean has had a lot of baths as he keeps getting mega muddy tearing around the fields at hyperspeed!

A few weeks ago the Cherry Blossom looked like this....
Now it makes a mushy petal path, quite pretty really. Really is the end of Cherry Blossom, sob.

Beautiful painted chocolate Mmmm...
Cake Dairies...!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Makers Boutique Open House

Mentioned the Makers Boutique Open House yesterday, here are some photos from our first weekend. We curated an exhibition around a seaside theme and the whole concept was to create a handmade nautical home, with everything for sale...cushions, jewellery, kids clothes, bags, notebooks, lighting, art, felt wall hangings, ceramics, stained glass, even the furniture is for sale, made by local artist Ali's magic maintenance hands!!! I showcased alot of my new homewares from beach shack Project including driftwood chandeliers, upcycled vintage plates, driftwood boats, painted pebbles and some handmade Cornish pasty cushions!!! You can view more information about the event, where to find us, exhibiting artists and more info about the products come and say Hi if you are in the Brighton hood.

Bean wanted to get involved with everything...sometimes unhelpfully!!!

Cabinet made from upcycled wine Ali
Driftwood cabinet, again by Ali, Baglady art and cushion, pasty cushion by me!!!
Stained glass stars by Naomi Frances, Pots by Pam!
Cat Browns stunning sea themed ceramics...
Beach Shack Project Driftwood, sea glass and crystal chandelier.
Betty Shek and Dana Leigh jewellery...

Baglady lamp and seaguls! Naomi Frances stained glass fish.
The lovely Karen Rao. Felt artist.
BSP jewellery in a beach hut chester-a-drawers!
Karens wave on the wall, this piece is massive and was a beast to hang!!! Nearly broke my neck!
David Meeking Seascape and Ali's walzer sofa! Its on wheels! Mental!

Goodbye untill next time!