Thursday, 30 April 2009

My Boyfriends Holga

Steves got his Holga photos back today and theres some pretty cool ones in there, this is me on brighton pier and and in the other beachcombing in Cornwall! His flickr address is
if you fancy a look.
Untill next time!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New Stockist

I had an appointment with Bellis in Brighton this morning to show my work, and I'm delighted that she took everything I had!
Horay! Its such a wonderful gallery and the Owner, Sema, has impecable taste, her gallery is stunning! We both seem to love the same stuff so its going to be exciting working with her, I hope my stuff does well there! So if any of you are in Brighton check it out!
Been drilling loads of sea pottery again today and glass, which I'm slowly getting better at, drilling sea glass is much more difficult than drilling sea pottery, which is much softer. Some sea glass colours are more evil than others to drill, red is fragile! and the rarer colours in general seem to shatter because they may possibly be older and more brittle or made of a different glass type they used from an era gone by, who know. But what I do know is its difficult to get a flush hole, as when the drill comes out the other side it makes tiny scratches, so I have to put some of the bits I do to one side! Some say your meant to drill half way, and then turn it over, and others swear by drilling like a maniac all the way through! I am the maniac, I drill all the way through as I have an old craft drill but if you don't have a drill press its difficult to pinpoint the hole when you turn it over and can misallign the hole completely!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

new opportunities

Well, I've had a friend visiting for a few days which has been fun. She runs a gallery in Cornwall and is very creative so we always inspire each other when we meet up. I did my craft fair on Saturday at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton and actually sold some items, which was better than some traders, but not an exciting amount. I just dont think my work is right for that venue and you dont get alot of customers in, but its a fun way to pass the day, eating cake and chatting to people. Did alot of French knitting there which is my new obsessions and I have been weaving away eagerly ever since. I made loads and decided I wanted one so started to wear a long, french knitted hemp necklace. I went into one of my favourite shops in Brighton, Bellis, which is an upmarket boutique shop / Gallery and was chatting to the owner about the items in the shop. I asked if she was taking anymore jewellers as I make jewellery myself and she was really entusiastic when I showed her my hemp necklace and a big blue assymetric piece of aqua blue sea glass I was wearing on a mixed metal chain. The owner said alot of people ask about alternatives to metal because of allergies, etc, and said the hemp would be different for the shop. I also told her about my sea pottery pieces too, they would go so well in Bellis! So I'm going to bring some sterling silver sea pottery and hemp necklaces down to show her, but I'm feeling so run down today, I've got my boyfriends stinking cold and my mums coming to visit today, so I may have to reorganise another day to go down. Arghh! Anyway, I still havent relisted my white porcelain sea pottery necklaces on etsy, mainly because I took them to the craft fair to sell first and now I may now use them for Bellis but I am still planning to list some. I want to upheave my shop, I don't think its really good enough and the photos are dodgy and people are not buying anything. The items are so pretty and unique so I find this very fustrasting and want to come at it from another angle, and have more of an identity or style, I've got to stand out from the other five trillion jewellery artists on Etsy. I'm going to take photos of me wearing the items so you can see how they can be worn and styled. I always get comments on my designs in the flesh so I'm uber confident I can get comments digitally too!

Friday, 3 April 2009

New stuff

Just put some more items on Etsy, I love this white sea pottery one, its so beautiful, but simple at the same time! I also made some old school beach bling friendship bracelets, sold in sets of two, one for you, one for a friend!
I've had a few enquiries but no sales yet! I'm going to do a craft fair tomorrow so I'm preparing for that too, eek!
Untill next time!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Potential sales

I woke up this morning and two people had messaged me on etsy, I nearly fainted, interested in my work, H O R A Y ! sometimes you kind of feel like you are just designing for yourself when there isn't a tidal wave of interest over your work, but I love what I do and I wouldn't create something I wouldn't wear myself. It was really nice as one of the ladies said she agreed with my concept, so I was real happy about that, someone gets where I'm coming from!
What a great day!