Friday, 27 November 2009

Open houses

What a busy week, I have been neglecting my blog!
Firsty I have been preparing for the unofficial Open House were running in conjunction with the Open Houses in Brighton for Christmas, it was a spur of the moment thing, so its been a bit manic! The weekend went really well, I sold lots of stuff and we got great feedback. The venue itself is so perfect, as my friends living room really SHOULD be a gallery all the time! I've been drinking copious amounts of mulled wine too, and one can never complain about that! runs every saturday and sunday untill the end of the month, heres some photos of my jewellery there....
Oh, and heres the poster for the one in Lewes, on December 5th
and theres another at the guerilla art market in Brighton, the following weekend, for 2 days, over staurday and sunday.

I have been busy beavering away in some sort of craft related hyperdrive. I have made these new sea glass studs which come on these presentation cards, which are quite sweet xmas presents I think...will upload them onto when I have a free second!

Goodbye, untill next time!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Death of my mac

Yesterday was a sad day,
it was a very bad monday actually, firstly my diamond tipped drill bits I ordered about a million years ago didn't turn up, and I have an open house that I'm doing this weekend so I am a bit lower on stock than I would have wanted, and then my Imac computer randomly turned pink! the screen looks a bit like a blood stain or something, and its called the "kiss of death" when I looked up the symptons on google. Basically the white pixels have died which is why the screen has turned pink, and theres nothing I can do to fix it. gutted gutted gutted.
I wonder what else can go wrong?!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Saturday, 21 November 2009

A is for....

Been saving this "A" lettered piece of sea pottery for someone special, and its my friends birthday so I made this for her today. Off to Londinion now,
Goodbye, untill next time!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Our unofficial open house in brighton

Sometimes I loath photoshop. I spent ages working on this frikkin poster and then it randomly shut itself down so I had to start again, I really should learn my lesson and save save save!!!!!
Anyway, Brighton has Open Houses every year, and then a smaller but similar event is arranged for Christmas. The Open Houses are basically open studios, or homes, wherever an artists may work, and they open this up to the public (most of whom just want to have a nose around the flat!) and "show" themselves, often people tend to group together to make tiny random galleries everywhere around the city.
Apparently you have to put your names down in April to be accepted in at the christmas event, and because I am not, and never will be, that organised, me and some other local artists are arranging our own unofficial open house, and ride on the creast of the wave of publicity that surrounds the Open Houses. The "Bag lady" on the poster is a lovely girl called Katie, who I met a craft fair 2 weeks ago in Brighton, and it was her idea to do the unofficial open house, so I went round to hers last night to do some planning!
Katie makes bags, purses, and textile items, and you can view her work online here.
So... If you live near Brighton please stop by Brunswick Street West for mulled wine, cakes, and of course Arts and Crafts between 28th Nov - 20th Dec, every Saturday and Sunday.
Good bye
untill next time

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Two heads are better than uno

Found this funny carrot in Tesco's yesterday.
I thought I would give it a home, it will be tasty grated into some salad, yum yum!!!

Two heads truely are better than one!

Like John and Edward here....
Made in London by Rosie and Fumie, each one is made to order. Theyre so cute! Apprently John and Edward like to go clubbing and sing karaoke!!!

£28.00, from The world of Bobby Dazzler

I found this site via a site called Big Cartel
Who specialise in website designing software with shops built in for creative buisnesses, you can browse current shops to get a feel of what you can do, and all the independant designers, buisnesses and shops have their own distinque feel, which is nice. I hate being restricted by website building software, thats one of the reasons homestead was so rubbish for me. But this site is fun to browse.

Goodbye, untill next time

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I spent about an hour rooting through some old musty boxes in Snoopers paradise, Brighton, on Monday and found all these really interesting old photos of mostly 1950's seaside holiday snaps. It was quite annoying as my card was being annoying and wouldn't work, so I said I would come back tomorrow and get them, and they tipped them all back into the box, so I spent an hour on tuesday tediously going through the box again (ARGHHH!) to find all my photos again, and a few new ones too!

Like this one, of some family or friends having a picnic by the sea on the cliffs (or thats what I'm imagining!) with their wicker baskets and fancy tables. Probably drinking ginger beers and dandeline and burdock, and eating ham and tomatoes, you know, really stereotyped Famous Five senarios!

I think some of them look so funky - like this lady here, smoking her fag on the beach and looking a bit like a she-pirate!

And this waterskier....

This is, apparently, Piel Irland, at Barrow, July, 1965, I particulary like this photo as Steve pointed out that it looks like the men in the background are about to topple out of their boat!
And look at this funky guy in his Simon Cowell - esque swimming trunks.....

I always find it a bit intrusive possesing these photos, I think the whole idea of not knowing who these people are is the most facinating element for me, the people are probably old or gone by now, and I have intimate moments of their holidays and pastimes. Will someone will digging photos of me out of a box in 60 - 80 years time?

Goodbye, untill next time

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New fish doodles

I was looking through some photos for inspiration and came across this tile that I found at Park Guille, designed by Dali in Barcelona.

I love the wave pattern on the top of the tiles, so I decided to update it in Photoshop, I made a pattern with it and it looks pretty cool!
And this is a Dali fish!

Goodbye, untill next time!

Barbara Karn - and I'm so tired!

I am so so so tired today, my best friend has been staying with me for a few days untill she set off to embark on her round the world travels today, going to Japan first, and I got up at 5am to walk her to the bus stop.
I have felt like the living dead for the rest of the day. Its a strange feeling being up that early, its so dark but everything is so still and quiet, even Brighton sea front!
When me and Gemma get together we inspire each other alot, even though our mediums are quite different. She runs Charlestown gallery down in Cornwall (which - coinsidently - stocks my collection!) and does alot of mixed media art and urban art inspired by the kitsch and surreal.
My head is full of new ideas and we have been looking over blogs and chatting about artists for most of the weekend (apart from the intense OC season 1 marathon on friday night!) so I have much inspiration again. I've kind of spent together trying to organise it all and start planning new ideas, and writing things down, but I have two big craft fairs coming up, one in Lewes on the 15th and another in Brighton for the Guerilla Christmas Art market so I need to make loads more stock yet. ARGHHHHH!!!!

Found this artist online by accident, I love happy accidents!
Her name is Barbara Karn and she is an artist based in Cornwall who does these wonderful naive looking incredibly effective brightly coloured prints of endearing looking birds, kind of reminds me of Quentin Blake.
I love the seagul ones where she has managed to capture their personality so beautifuly.
You can see more of her work at

Goodbye, untill next time

Monday, 16 November 2009

Surfers against Sewage promotion

I am currently doing a promotion with Surfers against sewage, (SAS) a UK-based non profit-making organisation campaigning for clean, safe recreational waters, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, marine litter and nuclear waste.

SAS were founded in 1990 by a group of surfers, who were literally 'sick of getting sick' through repeated ear, nose, throat and gastric infections after going in the sea. Forming a local group they set about taking grassroots action to stop the sewage pollution at their local surf breaks in Cornwall.

They were swiftly joined by like-minded water-users from around the UK and created what has now become a highly successful national campaign that gives recreational water users a voice on building a clean and safe water environment.

Their core objective is to ensure that anyone who wishes to enjoy the water environment, whether as a year-round surfer or a summer time beach-goer, can do so without fear of sickness or long-term illness.

Wetsuits, gasmasks and a six-foot inflatable turd have been the essential tools of the trade for them. Unusual (sometimes humorous) and photogenic media-friendly tactics have ensured that the campaign message of pollution free recreational waters has reached a wide audience, whilst persistence and perseverance are turning SAS' 'pipedreams' into reality.

The SAS campaign has already had a considerable impact on the whole sewage debate and the UK has now started to clean up its act in reducing the amount of sewage pollution.

As a result of this campaign SAS have become respected eco-campaigners and are now putting skills learnt to good use in campaigning vigorously on a broader range of water issues that can impact both on the health of the water user and that of the water environment. Current campaigns include 'Sewage and Sickness', 'Safer Shipping', 'No To Toxics', 'Climate Chaos' and 'Marine Litter'.

The reclaimed nylon range of jewellery all features nylon, monofilament and other reclaimed textiles and found objects from the beach.
15 % from the sale of each piece of jewellery that features reclaimed nylon in will be donated to the SAS so they can keep campaigning for a cleaner coast.
Huge matted balls of fishing nylon are now common place on beaches, usually having been lost or discarded by fishermen. These balls are not only non-biodegradeable, but pose a threat to any wildlife unlucky to get caught up in it.
I collect these tangled balls of nylon and laboriously go about unravelling, unknotting and even reknotting the nylon untill I am left with workable strands. These are then washed throughly in antibacterial soap so they are squeaky clean.

Goodbye, untill next time