Our unofficial open house in brighton

Sometimes I loath photoshop. I spent ages working on this frikkin poster and then it randomly shut itself down so I had to start again, I really should learn my lesson and save save save!!!!!
Anyway, Brighton has Open Houses every year, and then a smaller but similar event is arranged for Christmas. The Open Houses are basically open studios, or homes, wherever an artists may work, and they open this up to the public (most of whom just want to have a nose around the flat!) and "show" themselves, often people tend to group together to make tiny random galleries everywhere around the city.
Apparently you have to put your names down in April to be accepted in at the christmas event, and because I am not, and never will be, that organised, me and some other local artists are arranging our own unofficial open house, and ride on the creast of the wave of publicity that surrounds the Open Houses. The "Bag lady" on the poster is a lovely girl called Katie, who I met a craft fair 2 weeks ago in Brighton, and it was her idea to do the unofficial open house, so I went round to hers last night to do some planning!
Katie makes bags, purses, and textile items, and you can view her work online here.
So... If you live near Brighton please stop by Brunswick Street West for mulled wine, cakes, and of course Arts and Crafts between 28th Nov - 20th Dec, every Saturday and Sunday.
Good bye
untill next time


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