Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Valentines day ideas

Here are some lovely valentines day ideas, whether you fancy treating yourself or would love someone to buy one for you theres something for everyone....
But remember girls if you want your man to treat you, and he's anything like my man, subtle hints never work you've gotta make it veryyyyyyyy obvious!!! Anything by Tom Binns, Steve, if your reading this!!!

All available in my Etsy Shop...

Beautiful heart emblem sea pottery, very unusual....

Pretty Pale Pink and very rare sea glass bracelet

Candyfloss coloured sea pottery necklace, great for all the girls out there who love pink!!!

Unique heart shaped aqua sea glass bracelet, dainty and elegant.

Goodbye untill next time!!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


I went to Hastings today with Steve, Arran and Rich,
Famous for the great battle in 1066,
We mooched on the pebble beach and ate Spanish food,
And finished with ice cream from a cool local dude.

I am a rubbish poet and I will not be giving up the day job!!!

Really massive tile washed up on the beach

Rad Conger Eel statue, I want one!! There was also an octopus and a seahorse.

Who's bike is this?! It's offcially the coolest bike I've ever seen in my life, and Brighton is riddled in bicycles. Beautiful blue paint job, wicker basket, leather seat and handles, what more do you need?! Maybe a bell...?
I am so jealous so I am now on a mission to find a bike to pimp up.
Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Stock on Etsy & Folksy

For those of you peeps that are savvy handmade shoppers I am sure you are aware of Etsy & Folksy, two online marketplaces where you can browse independent designers and small creative businesses wares. Whilst the sale is going on in the main shop I am uploading lots of new items into these stores too. I will be updating the main shop in due course but untill then you can checkity check it out here...Folksy (UK site) and Etsy (USA)
Heres some photographic evidence of whats going on...
Heres a brilliant photo of Buster (The Long one) I found when I downloaded some photos off Steves camera, He took it when we were down in Kernow for Christmas. We were at one of our favourite places...but strangley unknown on the tourist circuit...the Clay tips outside St.Austell.
It had snowed and there was an icy path weaving through the pits. In quite alot of the photos Sausage does look like he is giving Steve an Evil look of discust (I experienced the same look from my flatmates cat Clyde the other day when I woke him up to drape a necklace on him and take photos, he was not impressed!!!). Dammmm he looks dapper in that coat!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Well, its 2011 now, Christmas is over for another year and its back to normality for a while...

To ease you into 2011 I am offering a massive 30% off all products in the store untill the 31st January, so whether you want to treat yourself, family or a friend ... there is something for everybody.

Just visit www.beachshackproject.bigcartel.com and use discount code HPY2011 at the checkout, simple!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!