Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Shoreham by sea House Boats

Went for a Walk with Steve and Livvy today, along the river to see the Shoreham Houseboats. I was flabbergasted that she had never seen them and dragged her along...the boats are really interesting as they are very ramshackle but look incredibly homely. Some people have been really creative and done some really unusual touches...
My favourite one is here, their boat is made out of half a bus, and a crazy window that looks like something from the yellow submarine. They have a microwave letter box, and there are lots of smaller equally strange vessels that surround it, I love the bath tub window and the washingmachine window too! very inventive, very creative and I would imagine most of these parts have been salvaged too.

Little walkway that leads down to the shed and kayak mooring.

Tennis art!

This one is unusual because it looks like an ex-military boat, its MASSIVE!!!!

This one was very pretty, loved the bunting and the reclaimed fishing nylon weaved fence!

artichoke flower

Went to the beach after and we found SAND! There is rarely sand anywhere around this coast which infuriates me, everywhere is covered in large pebbles and rocks, and makes for very uncomfortable beach sitting, but the tide was quite far out today and there was a whole good 10 metres of beautiful sand, Alfie the dog got very excited and started cantering around when he realized he was on soft lovely sand! Made me reminisce and think about Cornwall, must get down there again soon!

Oh, and I will be uploading more new products tomorrow, very exciting!

Goodbye, untill next time!
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Friday, 17 September 2010

On the road again...

Well, it's been hectic since I got back from Croatia (special post coming soon!) and I've been busy getting back in the loop, doing custom orders and planning my next trade events,
BUT I am on my way to Suffolk right now for a friends wedding which I am very excited about!!!

It's weird being back in the UK as I feel like I've missed that transistional period as the seasons change and it feels very much like Autumn now, too chilly for bare legs, too dark too early and too much desire to eat comfort foods (first night back I made a round of pasties for the flat! Best yet apparently!) but at least the sun is still out and it's not started raining cats and dogs!!!!

I'm wearing my "on the rocks" necklace above over my mahoosive jumper and a necklace by one of my favourite designers, Wapa (look her up on Etsy, she does AMAZING mugs and pots and tealights too) the necklace I'm wearing of hers is based on plankton and it goes with everything, infact it's the only ever necklace I wear that I didn't design!!! I love the fact it's unglazed too so it feels very organic like alot of the sea pottery I find but very delicate too.
Anyway I have also been busy designing all my new autumn pieces too so there should be more live in the shop soon, the "on the rocks" necklace is available in the shop now so if you haven't checked out the new pieces do so now!!!
Fingers crossed no one spills redwine on my dress tomorrow, I made an impromptu guest appearance at the stag due and promptly had my vino tipped all down my dress, thanks guys!!!!
Have a good weekend,

Goodbye, untill next time!!

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Croatia so far...

Well, haven't been able to blog for a while, I'm on holiday in Croatia at the moment travelling up the Adriactic coast, started in Dubrovnick (found some wickid glass, pottery and stone in the harbour there) then caught a boat to Mljet where we have been island hopping since. Will update you again soon but in the meantime here are some photos of my journey so far....

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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