Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Craft Fair Displays

Wrote this post for Folksy which is over on their blog at the moment, about having a great craft fair display. Should be of use to the newbies and veterans alike!

See it here....

Photo above courtesy of Little Things I Make 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Some more Bling for Ya'll

New In Shop - More wire wrapped necklaces - As usual all in my online shop...Love the colours in the one above. 

Very Old Piece of sea pottery- its been helpfully dated for me and stamped! 

Unusual Willow Sea Pottery Tea cup handle Necklace

 Love this one above as the two striped bits of sea pottery are obviously from the same vessel, which is unusual to find.

Goodbye, untill next time...

Monday, 25 February 2013

New in Shop

Heres some new wire wrapped work uploaded into the shop, my absolute favourite is this one below as its modelled off one I am wearing every day at the moment!!!
All in da shop....

Goodbye, untill next time!

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

More reclaimed Nylon photos

Here are some photos of me wearing my new reclaimed nylon necklaces, some of them are massive and you really need to see someone wearing one to get a perspective of their size and how they sit...

Cue Moi...

Celtic Neon Necklace - realllllllly long I love this one it looks fab over a dress!

Tribal Sea Queen - shortest necklace of them all, looks fab over a high necked top/dress as looks like an ornate collar or would also look awesome with a low cut top against bare summer skin!!!

Crackled Glaze Triangle sea pottery - Another long creation but not as long as the first one, and also doesn't feature any nylon its simply knitted hemp and sea pottery, but thought I would show it too as its quite a chunky beast which again would look fab over a short dress...

Ariel Necklace - sits like a large bib necklace - would look great over any higher necked tops / dresses...

My favourite Cave Girl Necklace! Really big bold in yer face necklace, only for brave girls!
It would look fab again over anything high necked, great way to jazz up a simple tshirt or jumper too.

All available in my shop!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A little bit of colour for this dreary weather...

Well hello again. Its been a mix of really lovely and warm and horrible and cold at the moment! I actually managed to get my legs out for a few days last week when the sunshine came! (Got to start on that tan early! Mine is all natural!) The crocuses are all starting to appear in Hove Park in bright flashes of yellow and purple. 
Me in my new dress that Steve got me! He was away for Valentines day, and took me out and spoiled me when he returned! We went out for some cocktails and a meal at Jamies in town which was great. I had an Earl Grey Martini, it was incredible. By the way I am not swearing at the camera below I am busting some funky dance moves!!!! Got my new Gal Stern tights on too, sparkly metallic gold screen printed tights, I heart them.

 Bean disgruntled by skateboards, he really doesn't like anything on wheels, hes constantly barking at bikes, scooters, skateboards, trolleys, suitcases. Maybe its the noise...Steve tried to get him on a longboard and he was having none of it! 

Real Patisserie I love you. Chocolate tart on the seafront, yum yum yum....
 So in light of the grey muh-ness at the moment I've been busy photographing some of my new work (and old stuff I never got round to putting online because the fishing nylon pieces are so hard to photograph! Too big for my usual setup!) and getting it into the shop. Got some big bright bold pieces made from reclaimed fishing nylon I have sourced cleaned and implemented into my work. Should get you in the mood for summer!!!!

All available in my shop shop shop!!!!

Willow Birds Sea Pottery Bracelet  - The birds are part of a traditional story and signify two lovers who were transformed into a pair of doves by the Gods and then flew away from their death to spend eternity together.

                                               Neon Celtic - Long statement tassel necklace
Tribal Sea Queen Necklace


Cavegirl necklace - my favourite! 

Crackled Glaze Sea Pottery Triangle and hemp. It has been drilled and hangs from three strands of hand knitted organic hemp that have then been plaited together. The hemp is really soft to wear, not itchy like cheaper versions, and will wear in beautifully like leather and become a smooth rope. Slips on over your head.

Goodbye, untill next time! 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Well, I haven't really updated this for a while, been a bit manic recently. January has been a whirlwind of Tax Returns, procrastinating over doing the said Tax Returns, planning our next Makers Boutique Exhibition starting in March and the first market of the year that we had on Saturday. Heres Bean and Ali below. Ali makes beautiful furniture inspired by materials she salvages both on the beach and in the city. I have collected a few pieces of hers now and I love them.
 Was a really really fabulous day, and it was great to see the venue so busy especially in February. We were also delighted to have Charlotte Rivers from Mollie Makes Magazine coming to write a review about our Markets, and a new popup tearoom by Talk of Tea, and we had a great mix of regular stallholders and talented new faces.
My fabulous friend Rich who came to DJ at the Market. Apparently most DJing is digitial now so it all goes on using laptop and Ipads and other doodars. I particulary like this image as I thought at first he had a stack of records in front of him, but its just a box of old church books about random things like pottery and gardening!!!
 Pop up tea room by Talk of Tea, the brownies they had were the best brownies I've ever had.
 Bought this print by Angela Chick, sums up my love of tea at the Market...
 ...and these cute little mountain earring studs by Kate Rowland.

 Need to get creative again after whats felt like a month of admin. And I am feeling inspired! First off I'm going to use these bits to make a very selfish commission, a necklace for myself. I really like the pieces and they are sentimental ones that friends or family have collected for me.
 Willow Sea pottery pieces.
 Laying down bits and playing around with different patterns and colours.
 These are some prototypes of my wire writing necklaces, I wanted to shy away from the stereotypical name necklaces and go with some typical Kernow and sailor themed sayings. Alright me lover?!
 Captain! Big and small version.
I'm loving the fact the weathers starting to warm up! Everything is better when its summer! Took a lovely walk down to Hove Lagoon today and it was so mild and fresh.

Hope you've had a good month and

Goodbye, untill next time!