A little bit of colour for this dreary weather...

Well hello again. Its been a mix of really lovely and warm and horrible and cold at the moment! I actually managed to get my legs out for a few days last week when the sunshine came! (Got to start on that tan early! Mine is all natural!) The crocuses are all starting to appear in Hove Park in bright flashes of yellow and purple. 
Me in my new dress that Steve got me! He was away for Valentines day, and took me out and spoiled me when he returned! We went out for some cocktails and a meal at Jamies in town which was great. I had an Earl Grey Martini, it was incredible. By the way I am not swearing at the camera below I am busting some funky dance moves!!!! Got my new Gal Stern tights on too, sparkly metallic gold screen printed tights, I heart them.

 Bean disgruntled by skateboards, he really doesn't like anything on wheels, hes constantly barking at bikes, scooters, skateboards, trolleys, suitcases. Maybe its the noise...Steve tried to get him on a longboard and he was having none of it! 

Real Patisserie I love you. Chocolate tart on the seafront, yum yum yum....
 So in light of the grey muh-ness at the moment I've been busy photographing some of my new work (and old stuff I never got round to putting online because the fishing nylon pieces are so hard to photograph! Too big for my usual setup!) and getting it into the shop. Got some big bright bold pieces made from reclaimed fishing nylon I have sourced cleaned and implemented into my work. Should get you in the mood for summer!!!!

All available in my shop shop shop!!!!

Willow Birds Sea Pottery Bracelet  - The birds are part of a traditional story and signify two lovers who were transformed into a pair of doves by the Gods and then flew away from their death to spend eternity together.

                                               Neon Celtic - Long statement tassel necklace
Tribal Sea Queen Necklace


Cavegirl necklace - my favourite! 

Crackled Glaze Sea Pottery Triangle and hemp. It has been drilled and hangs from three strands of hand knitted organic hemp that have then been plaited together. The hemp is really soft to wear, not itchy like cheaper versions, and will wear in beautifully like leather and become a smooth rope. Slips on over your head.

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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