Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday, 15 March 2013

Break in Kernow...

It was my mums birthday and mothers day over the weekend, so the old phrase two birds, one stone, seemed appropriate as me and Bean braved the train down to Kernow for a few days.

My mum is always moaning she never sees any cool wildlife, my aunt recently swam with dolphins in Gorran Haven, up untill that point I had no idea dolphins were indigenous, I knew we had porpoises but not dolphins! Anyway on mums birthday we went on a mega walk like the family likes to often do! We were on the North Coast near Holywell Bay and saw 5 Grey Seals! It was so amazing they were just as interested in us and we climbed down the cliff and got really close to them. Birthday Seals!

Fun beachcombing finds, a nice rare turquoise!

Well deserved smartie cookie at Bowgie Inn after a 4 hour walk, was shattered afterwards.

Charlestown - one of my favourite places in Kernow, minutes from where my mum lives.

Bean with his ball on Porthpean beach, he kept chucking it into an old tyre washed up on the beach and then barking at us to pick it up and throw it.

Back home now and have updated the shop with some new items, see below, and also retook images of all my present stock in a new format. Steve is a bit of a pro at photography so he's been giving me lots of tips and I'm really pleased with the results!

Also making stock for the Brighton Fishing Quarter Exhibition I'm running and participating in starting 28th March. So excited to be working back down on the seafront this summer, hoping for some sunny days! If your local and free on 27th March we are holding a private view there 8pm onwards, im making mojitos too with fresh mint sourced from my friend who knows someone growing it in their allotment. Handmade, handgrown, should be a great evening. See for more deets ;-)

Goodbye, untill next time!
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Monday, 11 March 2013

I love seals forever...

They are so super super duper cute.

Goodbye, untill next time!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Recently I have mostly been...

Been eating cake, yeah, I know, predictable! But more cake than usual! Its been my sister and Steves birthday (they helpfully have their birthdays one day after eachother) and I made Steve an awesome chocolate & raspberry brownie, even Steve was impressed he's a bit of a food snob and mostly humours my creations! And my lovely friend Niall said they were the best brownies he's ever tasted, now, even if he's lying I dont care as its given me a baking boost so yesterday I made white chocolate, pistachio and lime brownies, which were also sucessful! Yey! I have no photographs they were demolished pretty fast! My sister was just sat there with a fork eating it out the tin!

Macarons! Mojito flavour was the best, lime with a mint jelly inside AWESOME! We only ordered 2 but because we had to wait 5 minutes they gave us 2 more for free! I would quite happily stand outside all day if I got free Macarons every 5 minutes!

Chocolate Brownie n clotted cream by Talk of Tea!

We both had green tea for a change which we never do! I had gunpowder which I love, smoked green tea Mmmm...

And my favourite chocolate orange cake @ Ground

My beautiful sister on her birthday...

Steve found this fabulous letterpress tray outside the flat and brought it in for me, I have trained him well! Love urban street combing! It was a great display for my brooches at the Makers Boutique Craft Fair on saturday...

The fab Liz Toole and her lino cut prints. I tried lino cutting the other day, got my old kit out thinking "why don't I do this more often?" after 5 minutes I'd sliced my finger open with the lino cutter (went right under my nail!) it promptly got put away again! I have much respect for artists that have mastered this!

Talk of Tea (the tearoom i always go on about) have kindly agreed to run the cafe this year at the Makers Boutique which means tasty food and tasty cake and tasty tea, they do the best Earl Grey in Brighton!

The room is usually used for playgroup so we have to do ALOT of interior styling to make it look not-like-a-playgroup!


Top News in Brighton!!!

Benedict Bean found some broccoli and wouldnt let it go, carried it round for ages! Weird dog!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

gool pyran lowen!!!!

Happy St Pirans Day! Hope you had a Paaaaaaaaasty or two!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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